Children’s Illustrator, Author, Designer & Educator: Kayleen West

Welcome to my blog. I am a children’s illustrator and designer.  On my blog you will find related articles on children’s book illustration, writing, art education and my working process. I welcome suggestions on what YOU would like to see on this blog. Drop me an email. I’d love to hear from you!

Pray for Paris - Free printable
We Worship God, ABC Christian Picture Book. Nancy Streza and Kayleen West
Sketchbook collaboration drawings: Bugs Bunny and Kids
Celia and Nonna. Children's Book Illustration by Kayleen West

Books that build in hard places.

Empowering others through imagination Anyone can choose to encourage…
Wisdom of old, more precious than gold

Wisdom of old, more precious than gold!

For Illustration Fridays theme this week (old) I dedicated…
Colouring books for adults have finally broken the pretentious I’m-to-old-for-that-nonsense barrier and staked their rightful claim as not just art therapy but plain ol' fun!

Colouring Books for adults by Aussie Girl!

Colouring Books for adults are a hit in Australia and throughout…
Albino children in Tanzania will soon receive Adoptive Father via Forget Me Not Ministries.
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Gifts for albino children in Tanzania

How a childhood dream is now a special gift to albino children! Rejection…
Photoshop time savers - action. There are just a few Photoshop time savers I use.

Best Photoshop time savers I know!

Photoshop Time Savers #1 Do you want to save a ton of time…